Sunday, July 09, 2006

Vinalhaven Bouquet

Posted by Picasa Vinalhaven is an island off of mid-coast of Maine. I recently did some lettering for a possible project with a friend and had this lettering left over that I liked so I decided to play around with it and overlay it on some old watercolors. I really should be working in the basement studio.
A conference, a couple of charity auctions and 3 exhibits are rapidly closing on me. It is energizing though to jump around in several working modes.


Annabel said...

Is it an overlay in Photoshop? I am puzzled...

victoria said...

Yes...I have both the lettering and the images in Photoshop and just overlayed the lettering there to produce the image.
I can spend way too many hours fiddling with stuff there but it really is time well spent.