Monday, November 20, 2006


I've been having fun playing with some digital manipulations with my camera. I find if I put camera in continuous mode...make a little staged area ....then click on camera during continuous mode then ever so slightly make either a flourished motion or fast flick motions I get some very interesting color fields and images. Here are a few...More on the experiments later. The first image was of a pumpkin with chrysanthemum.
Here you can see the flourish motion that I made while taking the pictures. It was a candle with some green and purple crystals.

Some blanket folds....... Posted by Picasa


Kristen said...

Those are cool! Are you essentially moving the camera slightly while holding the shutter open?

victoria said...

Yes...I've been trying out various motions to see what would happen. If I move too fast I get swirls...ever so slightly and you get some interesting stuff happening.
I do little set ups with colors that I like or textures. WHen I have something like crystals or beads which catch the reflection of say a candle you can get some nice flourish motions.

I was pretty obsessed with this for about a week before I left Maine. I didn't get much else done!

Kristen said...

I like how the lettering for "COLOR" echoes the movement and curves of the image.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!


victoria said...

Thanks Lynn!

I just checked out your site too...Nice photos...Love the fire one.
It looks like Maine???


Toni said...

I enjoy all your photos and calligraphy. But these shots are awesome. What kind of camera do you have?

BTW it was nice seeing Karen again in your photos.

victoria said...

Hi Toni
Thanks. I do like taking photos.

I only have a nikon cool pix 5mpixel
I think I may upgrade to an 8mpixel but not sure if I might want to go with a real fancy prosumer camera....Need more info.
What do you use. It's always helpful to hear what other artist use and like and why....

YEs...had a fun but quick hike with Karen and Matt! It's a great hike in the Superstitions!

Toni said...

I have a Fugi FinePix my husband got for me for Christmas at least four years ago.
It is only a 2 mpixel but it has served me well for what I have used it for.
Not great for the landscape shots though.
We will see how next year goes if I can afford a new one along wit everything else i want. ;) thanks for the info.