Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A passion for Coffee

I love coffee. I've often dreamed about owning a coffee shop, roaster and perhaps having an adjoining book store. Only a dream because there is too much art to be done....but it's fun to think about all those other passions and what other paths one might have taken. Meteorology for instance...another dream. I hear that in Phoenix there is a coffee shop owned by a local meteorologist where they have computers hooked up to the latest radar. How cool! I will certainly have to check that out...

I'm not a morning person...but when I wake up and think about the fresh brewed coffee, the paper and the view of the sea or the superstition mountains it is enough to get me excited about the day's possibilities.

I have several favorite cups...In Maine, they are mostly blue and white. In Arizona I like a wonderful yellow and blue mug from Italy. Lately though, I really want to SEE my coffee. You who are fanatics will know what I mean. So here it is in all it's beauty. A cup of really good strong (much to the alarm of many of my family and visiting friends ) coffee with cream and brown sugar..

My favorite roaster here in Rockland is Rock City Coffee.... www.rockcitycoffee.com and www.carrabassettcoffee.com from near Sugarloaf ski area.
I can't wait to visit my favorite AZ spot, www.goldbarespresso.com in Tempe Arizona when I return there next week.....

All of them are independent and small batch roasters . Wonderful stuff.
The only pity is that I can't drink it after 3 or I'm wired all night....... Posted by Picasa


Kristen said...

Wow! Someone has been busy with photos and calligraphy! Lovely work. I'm trying to wean myself off the coffee and on to green tea before I go to Japan. Today was unseasonably warm, but there is supposed to be a front coming through tonight. Wind is already picking up!

victoria said...

It's too cold to work in the basement so the computer is getting a workout!

I don't think I could ever wean myself off coffee. I love it too much.
I've tried the delicacy of green tea and it is OK for an afternoon break and it is so good for you but it just leaves me looking for more taste.
Wind. I love wind! Later on today , I hope

Kristen said...

I can't give up coffee either, but will have to settle for the decaf stuff for a while. Last year in Japan the abrupt caffeine withdrawal triggered a dandy headache!

ramona said...

i wish i could drink coffee. the caffeine knocks me out. but nothing goes over the smell of fresh coffee. hmmm. i adore your writing, again and again. what tool do you use to write your words? how large are the originals before you alter them in photoshop? how long have you been practising calligraphy? are you interested in artsy mailart swaps?

victoria said...

Hi Ramona.
Like Kristen noted, I too will get the withdrawal headaches if I don't get enough caffeine so I've had to cut down ..mostly because when I travel to teach if miss my afternoon cup I wake up with a whopper of a headache and it's tough to function. Still...I can't give up the morning cup and an occasional treat. De-caf is OK but doesn't have that edge and punch for me...
Re: the lettering. Thanks for the compliments.
I usually write with either brause or tape nibs but lately most of the writing on the photos is done with speedball sizes. 0 1 or 2..
The originals are usually 1" or less. Some of the brush lettering is larger but not by much.
For brush I love the Winsor-Newton / Cotman's

ARt swap sounds fun. Are you a part of one??

victoria said...

Oh.Yeah. I took my first calligraphy class in 1978 but didn't really get into it until the early 80's.
I keep thinking I should be WAY better by now!

Anonymous said...

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Carolyn said...

I only aquired my taste for coffee during the last 6 months - and now I love it! My favorite spot here is Sierra Java - great coffee and art atmosphere. They do rotating exhibits of local artist. Ann and her quilt-y friends have a display there now. I had an exhibit of my beadwork there last winter. Really a neat place! When we go to Reno, we always stop in Winnemucca at Global Coffee - yummy! These are both small local shops that know their way around a cup of "joe" ;)
If you ever get out this way, we will have to go there for a "cuppa". My favorite is a soy mocha - it really is deliscious!

victoria said...

I'll have to check out the glabal Coffee and will commit it to my places to visit! I always love a new coffee place.
Maybe I should try for a ski trip/elko visit!

Carolyn said...

When you get to AZ go to Trader Joe's and get a bag of New Mexico Pinion Roast coffee beans. As my mother says, it is to die for ;) When you open the bag, it smells like heaven. We have a small ski place here called the Snowbowl, as a non-skier that is the sum total of what I know about it but quite a few folks ski there IF/WHEN we have snow - ha! It would be fun to meet you in person.

victoria said...

We have a Snowbowl here in Flagstaff. I do ski but not last year. No snow until late int the season. One year I spent a season doing the ski bum thing in Stowe, Vermont! Learned to ski back East in pretty icy conditions so when I moved West it was pure delight to ski in so much powder.
Re: coffee
My daughter told me about the pinon coffee and how much she loved it. I will have to look for it here again. I remember looking for it last year but couldn't find it. Pinon should be plentiful in AZ,eh?
I'm off to a Trader Joe and Whole Foods run tomorrow!