Thursday, December 28, 2006


Each Christmas,we have a tradition of finding some funny gifts for the group shot. This year I found the guys authentic Russian sailor shirts....the red ties were less authentic but added a festive look...
Here are Alex's boyfriend, David, son Joseph and Pete .

I found some wonderful aprons from the 50's at a Bruce Gammage auction in Rockland Maine j
I had them heavily starched and threw in some fake pearls, bright red lipstick (friend Joyce's inspiration) and a couple of cookbooks from the 40's and 50's
and they were good to go.

Here are daughters, Alex and Johanna and daughter-in law, Melissa.


Kristen said...

My mother wore aprons just like that! Did yours?

victoria said...

Yep. Aprons are making a big comeback.
There are some really cute ones on the market now. We saw some darling ones at Anthropologie store which caters to young women!