Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brush Floral

I have an upcoming demonstration on brush florals and have been revisiting my roots!
I received a delightful brush (several) from Cecilia for Christmas and I've been having fun trying it out. I used a double shuen paper from Oriental Art Supply.
I love the way it gives a soft bleed and sensuous swelling. It is difficult to describe the pure joy I find in painting this way. It is pure peace in the process.

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Kristen said...

What kind (brand name) of brush is this?

Anna said...

Stunningly beautiful!!!!!-xoxoxo---anna

victoria said...

Kris, I don't know what kind of brush it is. Cecilia (Melissa's Mom) bought it for me in China! It is very nice though and I'm loving it.

I also LOVE the happy dot from OAS and I just ordered some more paper (double shuen)

I need to get back to painting this way tevery so often.

Anna...Thank you. I really love working with pointed brush.
More later...

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! If you ever teacha class on pointed brush let me know.

Just got back from a great weekend in Pittsburgh with the calligraphy guild there. Felt so good to be around calligraphers

victoria said...

Thanks Toni.
Actually the brush florals will be part of my class at Conference this summer in British Colombia.

Waiting on my order from OAS. I got some new paper that I'm anxious to try and a new bigger brush like Happy Dot called "Spring"

The Pittsburgh group is awesome. I'll bet it was a fun weekend.