Friday, January 12, 2007

Intuitive Landscapes

A theme for a future workshop

I have been snow dreaming lately and getting the skiing bug. Anywhere. Please! More snow in Flagstaff!

I spent a season in Stowe Vermont many years ago and yesterday caught myself dreaming about those slopes and wondering how much Stowe has changed since the 70s/ The above image emerged from reverie...

I've had this idea for a workshop entitled " Intuitive Landscapes" for several years. A quieter meditative approach draws me ..perhaps a response to the hyper activity and technique laden classes I do now.

Someday. I'm gathering in.........
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Anna said...

Oh, Vicky! Your idea sounds -- and looks -- heavenly! Do continue "gathering" and when you're ready to do a workshop, please let me know......xoxoox---anna

victoria said...

Thanks Anna.
I have ideas on paper and in my head.


ps...I changed the image up a bit with the full background image

Anonymous said...


Your work is truly lovely!!


victoria said...

Thanks Jutta !