Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just One More

One more photo looking east toward Peralta Trail.
The air was saturated and heavy.

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Kristen said...

Unusual weather! Dave called to tell us about it.

Anna said...

Wow --- I'm just amazed how we you capture these incredible scenes. Good eye!!!----xoxox---anna

Anna said...

sorry --- didn't mean to include myself in your ability to capture beautiful sights. It's Monday, isn't it?!-xoxox---anna

Peggy Gaines said...

Must admit, your shots are much more dynamic than mine from here in "The Old Pueblo." Calendar-worthy, as Elaine (Seinfeld) would say!!!

victoria said...

I'm afraid I can't take that much credit for pointing and shooting at the beauty outside. :)
But Thanks.

Snow showers all day today on mountain .
I may try to get out and take some shots from 4 peaks.

Dave Ogden said...

Love the way you've written "Mountain"...inspiring!

Victoria said...

Thanks David!

Of course, I can't take credit for the inspiring landscape. It was SO lovely and surprising to see the mountains covered with snow.

BTW...I have just added your name to my list of links.