Friday, May 25, 2007

Storm and Sunset

Originally entitled, "Been There" this artwork with photomerge was a place I dreamed years ago. Like most very emotionally charged and riviting dreams, this scene stayed with me for some 30 years!
I found the seagull image and transformed him with Photoshop . It is a work in progress. It doesn't quite work for me yet and would love input. I had trouble with the glow on the underbelly of the gull..trying to make it look seamless.

Posted by PicasaAnother sunset on the cove.


Anonymous said...

It's going to be incredible once you get it refined. I would think about lost and found edges with the seagull. Right now the gull has a bit of a hard whitish outline all the way around. Kristen

Victoria said...

Thanks I like the start anyway. Got just the right glow I was looking for in the background.

I'll try fiddling with your suggestions..maybe with history brushes which I'm still playing with to get the right feel

Anonymous said...

Just be sure to save a copy so you don't lose what you've already got. Ask me how I know about that :-) The glow is a neat effect. Is it something new from the class you took?