Monday, July 09, 2007

La Vie en Rose

Roses are everywhere now. The Rosa virginiana and Rosa carolina edge our yard and the fragrance of salt air mingling with the sweet rose is intoxicating.... especially on these days when the air is heavy and damp and the tide is low. Rosa rugosa blooms abundantly near the ocean as well and is an introduced species (China) It is considered to be an invasive plant here. It's a tough call for me given it's beauty and scent and is part of the nostalgic and poetic landscape that I hold in my mind and heart when I think of the sea.

The below photo is a lovely Bonica rose planted in an old weathered lobster pot . (Thanks for the idea Sally!)

Below that is a Chinese brush rose and finally a bunch of clustered roses which started as a small drawing with crow quill.

I'm anxiously anticipating the film about Edith Piaf "La Vie en Rose" which I believe is out this summer.
I discovered Piaf sometime when I was in high school and some of her songs worked their way into the repertoire of songs that I used to belt out when I had the house to myself.
There were about 3 sets of songs that I would work through.
The most frequently visited were Broadway show tunes...then some belt and torch songs, heavily weighted with Streisand stuff. Finally it was the foreign set which consisted primarily of Russian songs . I would start with heavy moody songs like Ochi Chornaya (Dark Eyes) move into the truly grim and dirgelike melodies of Volga Boatman and the like. I would always end with the rousing chorus of the more upbeat Katusha and Kalinka .
Finally the French songs....Piaf figuring prominently.

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I love that clustered floral at the bottom!!!