Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer in Maine

Dinner at the Dip Net at sunset.......

I found the sweet chair below at the wood pile at the dump. A bit of glue and it was good to go as a porch chair!

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Toni said...

I have to tell you I love that chair.
I rescued and old ladderback from my son's place in Delaware which makes for a great pot holder for flowers also.

Victoria said...

I love it too.
We have the BEST dump in the world here in St. George. Have to check the wood pile often for hidden treasures.

Lots of other artist's haunting the pile too so you have to be quick.

There is a nice metal pile too but I haven't updated my tetanus in a while....


Sureshg said...


I love your Blog, And I love your energy. every time I visit your site I get pleasantly surprised, happy and peaceful. I Just wanted to thank you so much for the joy of your Blog. Love your art!