Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Grand One

Last weekend we went skiing in Flagstaff ...After skiing we took a bonus day and photographed at the Grand Canyon which is only a hour and a half from the slopes.
One would think that any shot taken at this dramatic site should be amazing ....
...However, the Canyon presents some special problems ..mainly a flat cloudless horizon (0n this day) and the obvious one of capturing the depths.
Ah! To have a couple of days to go further down the canyon and capture different light
and to have a better camera!

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Anonymous said...

I know photos don't do the grandeur justice, Vicky, still...the views are breathtaking. What a blessing to have been there to savor....mmmmm!xoxox---anna

Nancy said...

Vicky, I think your photos are amazing. You have a really good eye for composition.

Victoria said...

Thanks Anna and Nancy.

Day at the Canyon was awesome but need an overnighter or two to really get down and catch some more interesting light and composition.

Fun still...