Thursday, February 07, 2008

Abstract camera work

Here I've been playing with the camera again. I love some of the wonderfully rich and colorful abstract things one can get with a little in hand ...a few quick movements intriguing images start to emerge.

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Anonymous said...
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Purple Berries said...

Hi Victoria,

Love what you are doing with calligraphy and photos. A technical question. Do you calligraphy onto your photo, or do you do the calligraphy and add it to the photo in photoshop?

I read your blog on the happy new year 'y' and yes it is possible to be so excited over just one letter, because perfect letters are a rare and beautiful sight to behold.



Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Beautiful eye catching color's in this one. Great job.

Victoria said...

Thank you Karen and Nancy
It has been so busy here that about all I can get up on the blog lately is a single image.

I do the lettering, scan it in to PS and then layer the two (0r more) images.

Hardly any time at the lettering board though lately so I've been recycling stuff!

Purple Berries said...

I know what you mean about lettering, sometimes all the other stuff gets in the way. I do a weekly class so that at least I'm doing some calligraphy!

Can I pick your PS brain one more time (I'm self-learning PS and sometimes it's a struggle). Do you use the Extract Filter or the Background Eraser or another tool to get rid of the background that scans in with your lettering?


Victoria said...

Hi Karen

Well, the quick and easy way to get rid of background is first to make sure you have strong black lettering. Pump up the intensity when in PS...the I use the magic eraser tool (left click on the eraser tool)
Click on the white background and your lettering should be free of background and able to be moved around and layered.

A little more fiddling with some filters etc and there you go.
There are other ways to do this too but this is quick.

Purple Berries said...

Hi Victoria

Thanks for this. I've posted my first effort on my blogsite if you want to have a look.

There are endless possibilities for manipulating your own lettering in PS. I intend to pair it with my own drawings and paintings and hopefully my sister's photos.

Thanks again for all of your help.