Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Golden textures

A "play" date yesterday with artists Hannah Nelsbach and Penny Gentle produced some lovely textures on metal. It is always fun and productive to bounce ideas off of other artists! New directions always emerge.
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Toni said...

Loving that texture. Play days are always fun.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You had a play day with Penny?!? I'm jealous. What are the dimensions of the finished piece?

Victoria said...

Thanks Toni.
The texture is a patina on brass. We loved the way the thread underneath gave off a nice blue patina.

Kris..Yes...Play day with Penny and Hannah! It was fun looking through her beads.
She has some really cool faceted ones.

The surface of the brass is pretty small. Maybe 3x5 or smaller

Thanks for the heads up on the spam. I gotta do something about that

Cory said...

Hi Victoria...
I LOVE the textures in this painting, you always produce such beautiful art.