Saturday, June 28, 2008

Creative Ennui

Most artists, for many reasons, often go through periods where there is little creative output or flow. I seem to be in one of those modes at the moment. Whether it is because it has already been such a busy season with a variety of activities or just in a slump....I have to feel that I'm "filling the well" so to speak and taking a lot in subconsciously and peripherally...and it will come out later in a rush of energy. It always does.
I think the biggest hindrance right now is the amount of energy I am putting in to the computer> The setting up of a new system and learning a whole new vocabulary and work flow is not only frustratingly tedious but that process accesses a different part of the brain that I don't visit as often as I probably should (organization)
When I was going through my latest photos I noticed that when one is in this zone...nothing seems to work right and I couldn't believe how many really uninspired photos from places which should have inspired something more.
I did find the above shot, from a trip to Acadia, which I kind of liked, and I noticed some IR shots that I'll later post.
Rambling...and I need to get to cleaning and sorting.

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