Thursday, November 06, 2008

Chain o' love

I've been having the best time with this rusty chain that I found near the lighthouse. It first adorned the pumpkins that decorated my Fall table. They next served as a rustic scarf for the carved pumpkins on Halloween.
Finally, I tossed it outside on the deck so the rusty crumbles wouldn't get on food...It landed on a piece of driftwood atop some stray berries left over from an earlier pruning. I liked the look but it needed that extra touch so I added the sculpted gold knot.

The chain is back in the house now and headed to the studio where I have an idea for a more permanent assemblage.


Larry said...

Very nice. It is amazing what you can do with found objects.

Victoria said...

Thanks Larry.

I can find inspiration in the craziest things but this rust is pure gold to me....

I left a message on your blog...loved the apples and Fall pics.


Marcia said...

Victoria, I really love this image. The berries, drift wood and rusty chain make a wonderful still life.