Monday, December 29, 2008

Hot Sauce Throwdown

Last year I initiated a hot sauce competition and was the sole participant. I made a particularly nasty version (shown above) and figured that would be it. The idea was resurrected this year with a bit more enthusiasm. The winning entry , varieties and judges are here .

Some of the ingredients are in the above picture . Ancho chilis, New Mexican chilis, Arbol chili peppers, garlic, lime and a variety of other secret ingredients known only to the artists.
Recipe (s) may appear at a later date.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like some great fun - watch out or you'll have Bobby Flay coming to town!!! Marsha

Victoria said...

Yeah...bring Bobby on! (After we tweak the recipes a bit) I think I'll make another batch while it is still in my heas and the chilis are fresh. I think we all made notes and got ideas from the others. A really good hot sauce is a thing to savour!

Toni said...

Oh I love family food competitions. Hope you do post the recipe later on.