Saturday, January 03, 2009

Coyote Canyon

Our New Year was ushered in quite properly...just moments after the clock struck midnight a large group howl from local coyotes. Below is a healthy looking chap checking out the action at the birdfeeder.


Toni said...

Your photos are always dramatic. Love them. Have a wonderful New Year.

Victoria said...

Thank You Toni.

A "Wonder" full New Year to you too!
Here's to meeting up a a Hot birding spot somewhere!


Kristen said...

That new header is really cool!

Victoria said...

Thanks...It was time. The ugly colors in the old one were bothering me for a long time.

The cranes from Willcox last year.
I still need to work on the kerning of the letters but wanted to put up something quick.

Speaking of Willcox and cranes. Now I want to go to Bosque in NM..Have you been there?