Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wind and Dreams

I love wind and weather. The fiercer the better. The desert has had it's share of crazy windy days lately and I'm relishing it. Down drafts off the mountain have been intense and I'm grateful that the mesquite trees are now grown enough to provide a soft sweeping whisper out the bedroom window . Lulls one to sleep.
I'm always curious why so many people hate the wind. Is it a hair thing? Allergies?
I don't get it.
All I know is that it gets my creativity going...energizes and excites!

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Anonymous said...

Vicky, I love wind, too! Always have! It's as if the earth is alive and communicating! The wind gives me energy! I know many people who do not like wind and I cannot understand that?? Your blog constantly inspires me, it is just so beautiful! Deedee

Anonymous said...

The wind in the fall, with just a bit of a chill to it, is thrilling. But in the spring, when it's almost May and we still have hard frosts every night, the wind is less welcome. It's the wind-chill factor that we in the colder climes find wearisome.

Victoria Pittman said...

Thanks Deedee and Kris for you comments on the wind. I truly do get obsessed with weather.

Anticipating the soft spring winds in Maine. The liquid sound of the birch. Could listen to it all day!

I think I know what you must mean Kris...the West and north got hammered this year and you must be getting tired of it all.
Time for flowering and Spring!