Monday, August 31, 2009

First Light/ Last Light/Trace Light

On the river/views from kayak at low tide and full moon 
Start of an expressive work/unfinished


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Anonymous said...

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John said...

I like the progression, from unearthy yet figurative to the less dicernable as you go down the post. Each image pops alive when clicked on - the details amplify the work...

I like the lattice on the top image (and the sunrise inferno), the block of dark in the second and how everything dances in the bottom image.

Subnrise is my favoerite time of day.

Victoria Pittman said...

Thank you for your kind words John.

I love the way the lattice works in the foreground too. Our shoreline is very mucky so these are several palettes salvaged from the dump so we can walk out to put kayaks in at high tide without sinking in..
SOmething so simple and I knew it would add to the design, taking it to something more interesting than a usual sunrise/sunset picture