Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Irish Countryside/September

A trip to the Western part of Ireland earlier this month was wonderful.
Full of music and remarkable and breathtaking scenery.
Lovely connections.
We drove from Doolin and Aran Islands up to Connemara area and then down to the Dingle peninsula before heading home via Limerick.
On the first morning drive to Doolin, after a night flight and no sleep, I was enchanted by the light that early morning. The fog was just lifting off the marshes and the hills and in that light I saw a weather phenomena that I have never seen before. I was calling them "light bows" Because they were arcing as rainbows do but it was an intense white light arching to the ground which was illuminating small areas of green. I can't even describe how beautiful ...
I later researched and found that they were called fog bows.
Also upon arriving, I noticed that the countryside around Doolin and over at the Islands was infused with a faint aroma that I remember from my childhood. I later identified it as a perfume I loved ..."Je Reviens" After a few days I couldn't smell it anymore as often happens when you become adjusted to something but I wonder if there is something in the compound of that perfume that was in bloom in that area.
Of course, now I need to see if that perfume is yet available...

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Cari said...

Thank you for sharing the photos, your reflections, and the music, for this armchair lover and descendant of Ireland. I wept big tears when I left my visit to that country in 1997. How extraordinary, "fog bows".

Jane Farr said...

Beautiful captures Victoria (and lettering!) April 2010 workshop in Indiana?! Details please!!

Victoria Pittman said...

Those fog bows were truly amazing.
We were so tired that we didn't stop to take photos, plus nervous about the driving at first...I kick myself now. Not knowing if I'll ever see this phenomena again.

There is a blog devoted to this..I'll see if I can dig it up agian.
Jane...the workshop will be for the (Michiana?) guild Near the Michigan border. My friend, Anna Schlemma is in charge...you know her from the workshop last year>
Same metal collage one that you took.

vaitarni said...

nature has its own way .
it prospers.

RJDunne said...


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