Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Desert Night Hike

Low clouds reflecting the distant city lights gave the mountain a soft illumination last night as I entered into nightly dance , an intruder in the undercover ritual.
Night hike in the desert. I am Awe filled! The grandness , The quietude, broken by the whisper of owl's wing, the scurrying of unseen low creatures....then the shining eyes, the prowlers twitch, the distant howls .....and the countless unseen Watchers.
Then ....I let fear work in this thought.
I wonder how far away a pack of coyotes can smell fear? The cougar, rabid bobcat, the recently relocated and angry gang of packrats. Wimp that I am. Walk quickly the rest of the way.
I'll try again this evening.
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Jane Farr said...

Beautiful image and lettering Vicky! My brother-in-law once defended himself from a pack of wild dogs by swinging his camera bag in a circle.

Victoria Pittman said...

Yikes! Good to know, Jane. I always have my camera bag with me! When I venture out alone grab the phone, a saguaro rib stick etc...

Pete was actually with my on my night hike but we spooked each other thinking about all the possibilites.
I think that is a lot of the fun and adventure though living out here.

Happy 2010!

Margaret Ryall said...

I love following the links of new followers to my blog. I've found so many great blogs that way. In my younger days I learned calligraphy. It was one of my first forays into the arts. Now I have a place to go to revive this interest. Glad you visited me, glad I found your blog.