Thursday, October 21, 2010

New encaustic ideas this one (3 Suns)  is a composite dream...a little Photoshop dancin' with  overlays.  But I loved what happened when I duplicated and flipped the image.. 

 Calligraphic Jazz 
(as in most of my encaustic experiments this one doesn't even exist.  Obscured and enhanced with more and more layers.  I'm just short of scrapping it altogether, it sits in the studio for me to ponder the next couple of days.  

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Dee Day said...

I absolutely love what you're doing! Did not know you were into encaustics, but they look fabulous. Keep up the good work!

Victoria Pittman said...

Thanks Dee

Pitiful thing is most of these no longer exist. It's just SO easy to try to just add one more heat it and it's ruined! I look at some of these and wish I had left them alone! But...that said. It is intoxicating. SO much fun. When I was in Houston I heard that Dolores was doing encaustic now too.....

Coming to Maine this summer to visit with Paula?