Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things change, things flow

Encaustic backgrounds. Ever changing.
Playing with overlays/possibilities.
the intuitive flow....

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LuLu said...


THe top piese is spectacular. I love layers. This one is my fave!

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Victoria Pittman said...

Thanks Lulu!
I am certainly having fun with this new obsession.
Thanks for visiting ..

I had a great time perusing your wonderful site too and will add you to my blog list.


Patt Scrivener said...

I love your encaustic work, the layers and texture -I especially like the one with the pearls and the other blue one with the beads. i have just started working with encaustics myself and this is so inspirational Thankyou

Victoria Pittman said...

Thanks Pat. Watch out..Encaustics are VERY addictive!
Spent some time looking at your spectacular work.
VERy nice!


Art Expression said...

Beautiful does not even describe your work.....Amazing is a better one. =)

Ruth Rowland said...

Beautiful - is encaustic work done with wax??

Ruth Rowland said...

Is encaustic work done with wax?? It's beautiful.

Ruth Rowland said...

Beautiful! Is it done with wax??

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