Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mendocino Trip

A view from the Pacific Star "boutique" winery where we bought a delightful bottle of  white for our anniversary . We brought it back with us and enjoyed it for an Easter treat.
The coast is just spectacular, isolated and windswept. For several nights we opened doors wide to listen to the roar of the Pacific and crackling fire.

                                                          Views from the Pacific Star.  While we were wine tasting another couple joined us . We were chatting about Maine and turned out that the gentleman was from New England and had done the Rockland 10K a few years back.  After some chatter about that our host chimed in that she could do us one better.  Her sale of her home on Islesboro (and island off the coast of Camden, Me area)  provided enough for the purchase of the acreage seen here.  Give her a visit if you find yourself in the upper reaches of PCH.

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Dee Day said...

What great photos. I particularly like the one with the fence that zig zags to the the edge of the cliff. Great composition!

Victoria Pittman said...

Thanks Dee

It was a fabulous location. Almost couldn't take a bad picture