Thursday, October 19, 2006

Photoshop Play

The L has been altered in Photoshop...originally it was an F (I'll add something with the F later) but with a few tweaks and turns it became the an L. I may play some more with it later and using the same shapes develop some more caps from it.

The background is silver and palladium leaf. Some of the silver is starting to tarnish nicely. I will let it go through some transition colors before fixing it in some way to preserve the patina. Posted by Picasa


Kristen said...

Pretty! You could spray the background with dilute liver of sulphur to expedite the patina. Where are the moose pictures???

ParisBreakfasts said...

Your calligraphy is beautiful. I studied Copperplate hoping it would improve my horrid handwriting = no such luck :(
Here's a blogger's trick, Victoria. If you "center" yr pic, you'll have no ungainly type wraparounds you can't control on other's computers. Thanks for stopping by :)

victoria said...

Thanks so much for the compliment, Carol, and the great tip!! I've been struggling with that text problem forever. I will try centering with my next update.

Thank YOU for stopping by! Your blog is scrumptious and a breath of fresh air!

victoria said...

Kris...I kind of like the more random look of the aged patina. I may put it near the window to hasten the patina a bit though.

Alas, moose pictures are not to be. (I have one shot of a moose blob in the distance) but I have LOTS of pictures of Sugarloaf and surrounding area. I wanna SKI!!!

Company (kids and cats) are up for weekend so it might be a few days before I get around to fiddling with computer or any art work.
Have fun in NC.

Kristen said...

Things probably patina a lot more quickly when you live in a place with humidity!

victoria said...

Last summer before leaving AZ for Maine, I left a few raised silver flourishes in my studio. When I returned they had turned that lovely gold shade heading toward deep magentas. I'm usually not very patient but the result of time and heat on them makes for some wonderful results. Hate to have to fix them in any way because I know those magentas will fall back.