Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I've been reading and enjoying several beautiful food blogs lately so I thought I would occasionally add a few of my personal favorite recipes. I'll start with the ever popular New England confection known as the "Fluffernutter"
There is an interesting recent story behind the sandwich which you might find interesting ... just click on the link above.
Here in the photo, you can see that I have eliminated the bread from the equation and just gone straight for what really matters.... a spoonful of Fluff with a spoonful of really good peanut butter. It must be noted that the addition of hot fudge sauce straight from the jar is also good mixed into the above.

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Anonymous said...

Like a Pavlovian dog, as soon as I read your words and saw the images, I began to salivate. This brought back childhood memories of fluffernutter sandwiches....I could sure go for one now!

Victoria said...

Oh, Yeah!
I'm getting hungry again just looking at it again too.

Such wonderful diet food.. :)

Toni said...

oh my I have nor seen a jar of fluff in so long. But fluff and peanut butter sound so good.

I've been hooked on food blogs one of my favorites is

Victoria said...

I'm out of fluff right now and just going for the peanut butter and jam on a spoon.
Not the same.
You must be from the Northeast to remember Fluffernutters!
I actually found it here in AZ.

It is a staple in Maine.

Love the food blogs too and have gotton many a recipe from them..or started one with the inspiration.

Some are photographed so beautifully!