Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Coastal Images

I just arrived back from the Oregon.
I will post more images from the coast and workshop as soon as I catch up here.

This is a shot from our hotel in Florence, Oregon. This visitor and about 50 of his buddies were waiting on the edge of the roof for some tasty handouts....which we obligingly provided!

The roar of the ocean was intense, courtesy of an approaching storm.

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Debbie said...

Oooooh Vicky, this is SO beautiful. I would love to be standing there in that moment. I haven't seen a photo so pretty that compares to a painting like this one does. WOW. I'm also curious as to the settings you used for this.

Victoria said...

Thanks Debbie.

It was nice to be standing and listening to the roar of the ocean and the cries of the seagulls after the desert heat we were having.

It was a beautiful night.
Settings were just on automatic with my Canon A640

Kristen said...

Great shot! He looks like he's coming in for a landing the way his legs are dropped down

Victoria said...

He was coming in for a landing all right...and was all over our left over croissants!

Lorraine Douglas said...

Hi have the most beautiful blog! Thanks for linking to my blog and I linked to you today. See you soon!

Roann Mathias said...

Awesome Photo!!! It is just perfect! Everything on your site is lovely. I am drooling!
Nice work, Roann

Jana Bouc said...

Spectacular shot! I love the bird just hanging in the air. How I wish I could fly!

MollyBeees said...

I found your blog through the Maine Exiles website. Your artwork is AMAZING! I am originally from The County and will check back often for pictures from home!

Molly Bee

Victoria said...

Thank you Lorraine, Roanne, Jana and Molly B (from the County..I want to go to that potato blosssom fest some year) for all for the comments
I'm really behind and now on the road again..Destination:Bisbee ARizona

New update soon!