Saturday, March 17, 2007

Oregon Coast

I'll be heading to the Oregon Coast next week on my way to teach a Metal Collage workshop in Salem next weekend.

I'm looking forward to the rainy and foggy days on the coast and plan on spending a lot of time photographing the area.

Hopefully, there will be lots of inspiring photos from the workshop as well. I always come home so inspired and energized by what everyone is doing in the class. The creative energy bounces and the ideas start firing so quickly that I have to remember to write them down so I won't forget when I get home!

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Toni said...

I'll have to see if Pittsburgh will bring you in to do a workshop.

Love the digital collage you did here.

Margaret said...

What is metal collage? Is it a Photoshop thing? or is it different kinds of metal leaf? or is it actual bits of metal? It sounds intriguing! Have a great time at the workshop!

Victoria said...


Thanks...that is my flyer for that class.

Love Pittsburgh!
That would be fun.


Victoria said...


Just got back from the workshop and had a great class. So many talented always inspires me..

THe metal collage thing on the blog is indeed done in photoshop..It is my art for flyer for the workshop

In the workshop we use metal leaf, actual metal pieces and do a lot of texturing and patinas to ultimately use in small collages using metal elements. It is grand fun, chaotic at times but inspiration and ideas fly!