Wednesday, March 14, 2007


A wonderfully textured Opuntia violacea or Santa Rita Prickly Pear Cactus. This is abundant around the Santa Rita mountains near Tucson. The purple coloring of the pads comes from betacyanins and intensifies when the plant is under stress. I loved the textures and rich color of the dry scabby part of the pad against the dark pinks and peach on this individual. It is so easy and delicious to get lost in the details of nature.

The Romans were done in a Reggie Ezell class about 15 years ago. I need to work on updating them but for a quick blog they are still working for me.

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Margaret said...

what a fascinating plant! I didn't know they could be pink like that. (It looks diseased.)

Toni said...

How interesting.
Almost looks like icing on a cookie.

I took Reggie's class a few years ago. So glad I did.

Beth Lee said...

Oh, I remember those capitals-on-steroids well! It was 14 years ago for me. Hard to believe was that long ago. And about this time of year, too: the 3rd month of the year-long class.

Those colors look poisonously delectable.

Victoria said...

Yes..I see what you mean Toni.

Check out my latest upload for some real frosting. :)

Beth: The Roman work and discipline in that class were the best part for me.

Victoria said...

Margaret. It does look kind of gnarly. The old growth on cacti is really fascinating to me. The colors so rich.