Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cat blog

Yes, I know, another blogged cat.
... but I just couldn't resist.
Isn't he one handsome cat?
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madame escargot said...

I'm definitely with debbie on this one, it's very ethereal..reminds me of a ballerina, like the wispy beautiful things they the color palette.
mme. escargot

Victoria said...

Thanks Joyce...You mean the milkweed one below I think...but Nelson is quite pretty too, eh?

I love milkweed and other various weeds in their skelatal winter state. Very poetic. One of my favorite books is "Weeds in Winter" Lovely sensitive drawings

Margaret said...

Hi Victoria!
I just wanted to pop in and see what you are up to! The new look is good, and I like that there's a picture of you!
I hope I can get back to my blog some is a sad neglected thing at the moment. Grad school is all engrossing.


Victoria said...

Hi Margaret.
I keep checking in on your blog to see if you have started posting again. I know how time consuming grad school can be...and small children too!

Thanks for the compliments. I try to keep it fresh.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that handsome Nelson! His eyes just melt my heart. And your beautiful art...luminous and lovely!-xoxoxo--anna

Victoria said...

Thanks Anna and Nelson thanks you too!I can't wait to see him next week when I get back to Arizona.

Nancy said...

I LOVE cat pictures, and this one especially.

Victoria said...

He is pretty. I was waving a catnip mouse in front of him to get an engaged look, but I'm not sure if he was buying it.