Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Old life, New life

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Debbie said...

Vicky, this piece has such a subtle beauty, so peaceful and calming to look at. With no explanation, I don't know what it was done with, but I sure enjoy looking at it! Looks like an art print ready for the stores! You SHOULD be marketing your things. I'd hang this one on MY walls! Very nice!

Victoria said...

Thanks Debbie.
I always value your opinion and eye. I took the photo while walking on one last beach walk near us. My sister said..."why don't you take a picture of that milkweed" I did. There were perhaps other more spectacular things to photo but oftentimes it is just that commonplace beauty that touches us most.
I fiddled with a few things to highlight those dark areas and soften the others and voila. I liked it too.
Wish I had a better printer to print out the things I like.

See you soon! heading back to Az by the 23rd.