Sunday, December 02, 2007

Amazing Light

There is a certain light........

Afternoon glow after rain..the air heavy with creosote scent.

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carla said...

What an awe inspiring sight! I've never been to Arizona... it looks like such a magical place.

Toni said...

Vicky for some reason the second photo really draws me in. I feel like I am in another world.

Victoria said...

Thanks Carla and Toni will just have to put that on you travel itinerary in the near future..
The Superstitions live up to their name.

Toni ..It is almost another world...You must come out too.
So many birds to identify and paint. The hiking is amazing. The second photo is a the gate that marks STate forest land and goes up to a watering hole with petroglyphs on the surrounding walls.

Alice Young said...

Can I come too? :)
Your photos are awesome, Victoria.

Victoria said...

What a grand time we could all have taking photos, hiking and making art!!

Thanks Alice..