Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ski mind

Skiing is on our minds as we head to Aspen this week.
We got a pre glimpse of the winter world in Flagstaff earlier this week.
Gathering greens for the house and doing a bit of shopping really set the mood for the holiday season.
I shot a few photos from Snowbowl ski area in hopes of finding a suitable image for what will be a very late Christmas Card, but I'm working on it and will have some images of the candidates when I get home next week.

Thinking very white...

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Dave Orr said...

Vicki, your images are gorgeous. What kind of camera and lenses are you shooting, just curious.

Victoria said...

Thanks Dave...that's a real compliment coming from you!

I still am using my small canon A640 while I am still learning basic stuff. I'm tempted by several of the dslr's..mostly by the 5D but it may be too much for me at this point both knowledgewise and pricewise.
Any suggestions??? Would love your input.

Dave Orr said...

Well your images look very crisp and well exposed, and the light is great!

The 5D is an awesome camera, you get a full frame image for a good $3000 less than the 1D. It is still pretty pricey, but definitely the one I am aspiring to. We just got the 40D, has a big 3" LCD on back, with a viewfinder, or live viewing on the screen like a point and shoot, a spot meter for more accurate exposure, and 10 megapixels. Price is good too, I would highly recommend it. Another nice one is the new Rebel XTi, also 10 megapixels, without some of the pro features and $500 less.

Victoria said...

Thanks for the information Dave.
That 40D is pretty tempting too for a lot less. I may hold out until next year. It changes so fast. I just know I'll want the latest.

Now...can I ask what lens you have?

Roann Mathias said...

Whatever camera you are using, all your photos are stunning! I am just so always have the perfect light!
Happy holidays, etc,
Love, Roann

Victoria said...

Thanks Roann
Always looking for that perfect light.

Have a wonderful New Year. Hope I get to see you soon.