Thursday, February 21, 2008

Metal Collage/Indianapolis

I taught a couple of workshops in Indianapolis this past weekend. Wonderful time and wonderful group of artists. I taught a 2 day metal collage workshop first and then a one day flower workshop...Watercolors and abstract acrylics.

The image above is an assemblage using imitation gold leaf and aluminum leaf on paper with an ammonia patina. It is mounted on brushed aluminum roof flashing. The flourishes were made from gesso and silver wire and are woven through a cholla (cactus) skeleton.

Other Photos from workshop

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Toni said...

I want to play!

It was great seeing Wendy's photos

Victoria said...

Would like to play out that way too! Someday, eh?

I put up some of Jane's photos as well from her flicker site. Nice work there too.