Friday, February 29, 2008

Mexican Coffee

Inspired by my Mexican coffee mug, I doodled my way to this design while my "Sonoran" lettering was still fresh on the board.

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Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Oh this is beautiful ... wish I could doodle like this. My doodles look like scribbles.

Victoria said...

HI Nancy.
Thanks..Actually the process is pretty easy.Just lots of Photoshop manipulations and transformations...mirror images and all that. It started with the simple
pen made dominant swash mark that you see. Took about 15 minutes in PS...about 15 seconds to make the swash! :)


Anonymous said...

That burnt orange is my new favorite color! It really pops next to those blues.

Victoria said...

Yes, I love that combination too.

If I remember correctly, there is a favorite bead of mine that you made that has those colors!