Wednesday, March 12, 2008


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Toni said...

Vicky you are having way to much fun with that infra red camera. ;)

Victoria said...

Yes! I know. I'm not getting any art done but having a lot of fun hiking and playing with the cameras!

I really want a better camera for the IR but then again I want a lot of new techie things. Where to start?

Have fun! Spring is on it's way to PA. Anticipating the migration is always exciting....


kathy mccreedy said...

Victoria, this is really beautiful! I'm not usually one to like special effects, etc., but I really like what you've done w/this photo... is this simply infra red? And is that your calligraphy? It's really beautiful!

Victoria said...

Hi Kathy

Thanks for looking and for the compliments. Yes, it is using the IR camera but I added a bit of sepia tone to it. Gave it the cliche "old west" feel

The calligraphy is all mine on all the images with my photos