Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mexican Hot Sauce

I've been fine tuning the recipe for hot sauce since our Holiday competition and have finally come up with a very simple and delicious formula.

Mexican Hot Sauce

Boil a dozen dried guajillo chili peppers (add some arbol or other peppers if you like it hotter)

Boil until tender. Let cool
Reserve some of the water
Rip off the stems

In blender or cuisinart
the peppers,
a half cup or more of the water
a couple of tbsp of oregano
3 or four cloves of garlic
salt and pepper to taste.

I have also put in just a bit of vinegar or a squeeze of lime

Make up your crisp corn tortillas and fill with chicken, avocado, sour cream , fresh cilantro, queso fresco and top with the hot sauce.

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MaineBirder said...

I am going to have a try at your hot sauce recipe. It sounds delicious!

Thanks for stopping by my site. Thanks for adding my site to your blog. I will do the same.