Saturday, April 04, 2009

Down by the "Riv-ah"

I took a quick trip to the Salt River the other day to get a few IR shots with my new G6.
I love the tangle of these Mesquite trees by the shore.
I used to bird in this area quite frequently and thought since the housing has now crept up so close to the river that it would be teeming with families with pets and all... but not so much. I was alone and there were some questionable characters about so I didn't stay long.
There is so much more to explore.

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MaineBirder said...

Awesome photos with that G6! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Victoria Pittman said...

Thanks. I'm just really starting to play with all the possibilities.

More to come.
Can't wait to get to Maine to get some coastal images with it.


Jane Farr said...

Wow Vicky! Beautiful, all. "Down by the River" is my favorite.

Victoria Pittman said...

Thanks Jane.
Having fun with new camera. Now I need to get back to painting!


Anonymous said...

It's uncanny how much the IR photos look like our winter landscapes.

Cindy Yount said...

Hi Victoria - it's been awhile since I've visited your blog. These images are absolutely gorgeous! I love the 2nd one, with the trees forming an arch across the top.