Sunday, April 05, 2009


What makes a wonderful blog, for me , is maintaining a theme, digging deeper into one's subject and having a sense of humor and appreciation for the random absurd happenings in life.
Oh yeah, and lovely or thought provoking images.

The only thing that ties my blog together at this time seems to be it's randomness!
The same theme is reflected in everything I do. When I look around at the studio, there are about a dozens of active and diverse projects going as well as the computer buzzing with digital projects. I have several books and magazines started at various levels of interest and depth.
In the kitchen, I tend to throw things together with either a skeleton recipe or a taste memory to create something new or improved.

Sometimes it is chaos. Sometimes it comes together.
Sometimes something remarkable and enchanting emerges and it is all worth it.
I rather like randomness...

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Betty Refour said...

randomness is a good thing. i think it helps in the creative process and as you said something remarkable and enchanting sometimes comes of it.

Victoria Pittman said...

Thank you Betty. It is a good thing.
Thanks for visiting. Loved looking at your blog too and became a follower. The abstract work there is wonderful!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I absolutely love the trees here... wow, I feel its like an out of body experience.

I'm with you ... my blog is very random. I try to keep it focused then I throw in something unrelated.

Anonymous said...

The trees seem sacred in this image. And yes, randomness offers a more varied palette than routine.